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There are many extremely valuable ways to assess and understand various aspects of one’s personality from the inside out.
Traditional – Q & A based Psychometric IQ Test
Progressive – Fingerprint Analysis
  • ‘Inside out’, subjective approach
  • Rely solely on personal opinions or feelings about things rather than on external facts or evidence
  • These systems primarily measure
    • Individual’s personality psychology
    • What the individual is ‘good’ at doing, however it doesn’t mean that one gets a strong sense of meaning from doing it
  • ‘Outside in’, objective approach
  • A scientific technique known as ‘Dermatoglyphics’ which helps analyse the fingerprint patterns to assess an individual’s inborn capabilities
  • Owing to the permanency of fingerprints, the inborn traits and capability potentials can be mapped without any subjective bias, unlike other traditional forms of aptitude tests.

Demystifying the myths around Dermatoglyphics test
  • Whether it is Homeopathy or age old Ayurveda medicine or Acupressure technique, all of these alternative medicine techniques have been questioned or countered by competitive alternatives particularly the conventional medicine or Allopathy school of thought.
  • Everyone has a right to cite their views, but it becomes contentious when these opinions are given without background research and topical understanding of the alternative. Much is talked about Dermatoglyphics science as well in the media. Here is an attempt to demystify the myths around Dermatoglyphics multiple intelligence analysis also known as DMIA (or DMIT)
  • Fact 1: DMIA technique is scientific and not any ill-conceived idea

    Fact 2:  DMIA is not fortune telling or astrology but a robust technique using computer program based on algorithms 

    Fact 3:  Fingerprints are permanent. The test report from DMIA tool if conducted for a person at age 5 and again at age 75 will be exactly same 

    Fact 4: DMIA test ought to be as early as possible in your life to gain maximum advantage 

    Fact 5:  Counseling industry is expanding and we are a well-equipped Dermatoglyphics firms that is doing justice to the efficacy of the technique.