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Who we are

BrainSketch Solutions Pvt Ltd was founded by a group of qualified professionals from diverse fields such legal, technology, education and management consulting.

BrainSketch has put together a team of qualified dermatoglyphics practitioners and counsellors who have several man-years of knowledge & experience on Multiple Intelligence, Brain Development, Child Psychology and Parenting techniques.

Proprietary tools & techniques: BrainSketch has in-house research & technology expertise and as a result developed a scientific tool called DermaSTAT. This tool is developed by applying advanced algorithms of Dermatoglyphics science. Several fundamental principles researched by renowned scientists for over a century have been fed into these algorithms.

DermaSTAT scans the fingerprint patterns and contours on the fingertips of any individual, after which the processed output is analysed and interpreted by the Dermatoglyphics practitioners.
A comprehensive report called Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Analysis (DMIA) is prepared for the individual.
BrainSketch has pioneered a unique and comprehensive counselling program which ensures that parents, individuals and corporates are able to attain benefits of this formidable scientific tool.

BrainSketch is at the forefront in India in Dermatoglyphics based personality and intelligence assessment. This has been possible due to the relentless pursuit of its research & technology team in developing high-tech scientific tools and techniques.